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Head Massage

Head Massage in London 

Here at Bespoke Tantric, we love to add a complimentary Head Massage to our relaxing and indulgent sessions to pamper our clients from head to toe. By having your gorgeous tantric masseuse spend time focussing on this area of the body, you will experience an even greater sense of reinvigoration. 

A large part of why massages feel so good is that they allow us to relieve the tension we carry around with us much of the time. Focusing her care and healing energies, specifically on the head, has the added holistic benefit of helping relieve mental tension, neck pain, and headaches associated with high-stress levels.

The History of Head Massage

The origins of Head Massage can be traced back 4,000 years and have been found in many cultures, though, just like tantric massage, its first origins were from the East. We have taken elements of a traditional Indian Head Massage and incorporated this into our London Tantric Body-to-Body massage to give you an erotic and indulgent session which takes care of you from the crown of your head to the ends of your toes. 

The Power Of Chakras

Home to the two highest chakras, the Crown and the Third Eye, Tantra teaches us to consider the head as the seat of wisdom, consciousness and intuition; therefore, in focusing positive energy on relieving tension in this part of the body, we unblock these chakras and allow energy to flow through them more freely. This makes beginning or ending your tantric massage with a Head Massage the perfect way to energise your mental powers, leaving you feeling rejuvenated in both body and mind.

Ayurvedic massage is a powerful practice focusing on the human body's seven chakras. If you want to experience this practice, let our receptionist know when you call to book. They will then recommend a masseuse who offers a full Ayurvedic experience and advise the lady that she would like to delve deeper into this ancient art form. 

No need to worry about missing out. Ayurveda massage works perfectly as an introduction to an erotic tantric massage. 

Incall and Outcall Massage in London 

Discreetly tucked away in some of London’s most sought-after postcodes are our masseuse's deluxe incall apartments. Bespoke is an elite tantric massage agency, and the locations reflect this. You can expect convenient locations, plush bathrooms and a massage that is always performed on a double bed, complete with fresh towels. 

Stunning Erotic Masseuses 

A glance through the gallery above will tell you that our team is incredibly beautiful. Click each lady's profile to learn more about her training, background and interests. This can help you pick a masseuse that physically and mentally matches you. If you have questions about our ladies, please feel free to ask when you call our receptionist. They will be delighted to help. 

If you would prefer to have a masseuse come to your home or hotel, all our of team offer outcalls in central London. After a stressful day at work, what could be better than a relaxing head massage followed by a sensual tantric experience? Let your masseuse dissolve your tension with her healing hands before stimulating your body and mind with her graceful, sensuous curves. 

Book a Bespoke Head Massage Today

Our mission is to have every inch of you fused with sensual energy, so why not add a Head Massage to your Bespoke Tantric experience for a little extra indulgence? If you have any queries about Head Massage, don't hesitate to contact us.

Our team are available between 10am and 1am and you can text, WhatsApp or email us anytime.