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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage With Bespoke Tantric 


As our name suggests, Bespoke Tantric aims to create personalised massage experiences for every one of our discerning clients. The Bespoke Swedish Massage experience is no exception. 


Swedish Massage is the most commonly practiced form of massage in the world and is understood to be the perfect combination of relaxation and physical therapy. The main elements of Swedish Massage are:


Effleurage is the broad, circular strokes used in Swedish Massage. This loosens the sheath of tissue that surrounds each muscle, known as the Fascia and promotes blood flow to the area.  


Petrissage is the kneading or squeezing motion you will experience during the session. This allows the masseuse to target specific muscles, knots and areas of pain. 


Tapotement is the chopping or tapping motion people associate with a massage. This increases circulation and is the same therapy people use expensive equipment such as massage guns to mimic. 


Friction - When applied with appropriate pressure, friction allows a Swedish Masseuse to work on larger muscle groups such as the back, buttocks and legs. It works similarly to a foam roller but is much more enjoyable! 


Swedish Massage Combined With Tantric Massage in London


Are you looking for the benefits of Swedish Massage but with something a little more sensual? Here at Bespoke, our Tantric Massage therapy utilises elements of the Swedish Massage technique to create a divinely indulgent massage. Muscle, body and mind will unwind simultaneously as your beautiful masseuse works her magic. 


A Bespoke Tantric masseuse uses her hands, body and breath to cast a spell that, once experienced, is hard to break. Our sensual Swedish massage will have you returning for more time and time again and wondering why you didn’t book a session sooner. 


Book Your Bespoke Swedish Tantric Massage Today 


Do you have specific areas of tension or chronic pain? Our Bespoke bookings team will be happy to discuss the perfect therapy for you at the time of booking. This way, they can inform your therapist to ensure a smooth and productive time together. 


Combing Tantric Massage with Swedish Massage is part of the bespoke experience. Should you wish to add any other therapies, such as Nuru Massage, Aqua Massage or Four Hands massage, please let us know when you get in touch. 


You can call us on 07548 845573 seven days a week between 10am and 1am and our bookings form is available twenty-four seven. Get in touch today to make your Bespoke Tantric Massage dreams come true.