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Tie and Tease Massage


Tie and Tease Massage in London 

Frustrated with the responsibilities piled upon you by the rigid role of male dominance? Of course, you are! With all society’s expectations of men, your busy and stressful job, and perhaps your relationships, nothing could be more appealing than a tantalising surrender to a beautiful and capable lady. The stunning girls at Bespoke Tantric are masters of your pleasure and will tailor a kinky tantric massage to suit your every whim. Leave yourself in their capable hands, and you will soon be engulfed by their desire to tease and please. 

What is Tie and Tease Massage? 

Tie and tease massage, also known as BDSM massage, is a sensual massage involving elements of bondage and domination. A professional masseuse with expertise in BDSM practices will perform the massage, so you’ll be in expert hands. 

During a tie and tease massage, the recipient is tied up or restrained in some way using ropes, cuffs, or other bondage equipment. The masseuse then uses various techniques to tease and stimulate the recipient's body, often incorporating elements of sensory deprivation, such as blindfolds, to enhance the experience.

The massage may involve various sensations, such as tickling, scratching, and light spanking, designed to heighten the recipient's arousal and explore new heights of pleasure and experience. 

Tie and tease massage is often used as a form of erotic foreplay, and it can be a powerful tool for building intimacy and trust in a relationship. During a session with one of our masseuses, you can learn about yourself and skills to take home and try in the bedroom with your partner. 

Beautiful Masseuses Skilled in The Art of Tie & Tease 

Our girls are powerful, professional and discreet. Our clients are businessmen, company directors and celebrities. Bespoke Tantric girls know how to relieve some of life’s most significant stresses in a safe environment. Many clients live their fantasies with our girls for the first time. With a tie and tease massage from Bespoke Tantric, you can wave goodbye to taboo and say hello to pleasure and fulfilment—all safely behind closed doors with a lovely lady as your master and guide.

With tie and tease massage, Western sexuality is perfectly complimented by the ancient eastern art of tantric. Our girls are masters of building and denying pleasure to intensify your experience. A little light or heavy, BDSM combines with the authentic methodologies of tantra. Let your frustration reach boiling point as your body lingers on the brink of intense sensation. Our bespoke beauties will drive you wild before sending you over the edge. You can forget every care in the world, allowing them to lead.

And what’s more: with Bespoke Tantric, each sexy scenario is explicitly tailored to your needs, wants and desires. Don’t leave those fantasies inside your head. Indulge your potential for pleasure today with a tie and tease massage from one of Bespoke Tantric’s beautiful professional masseuses. 

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Please note that our Tie & Tease Massage has a surcharge of £50.